Sunday, July 14, 2013

Love in the Asylum - an experimental music video

Best enjoyed in fullscreen, with low ambient noise.
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I started this project to familiarize myself with my now obsolete DV camcorder. It ran out of momentum, was never finalized, and has been hogging my external HDD for 7 years, until now. I now strike this landmark from my "to-dos" like a katana through torso. Thanks for giving it a view.

The stunningly beautiful soundtrack, far greater than the video itself, is an excerpt from "Love in the Asylum" by composer Michael McNabb. I am most grateful for his gracious permission to publish this online, post-creation. The full track from the 1993 album "Dreamsong" can be purchased in mp3 form on Amazon.

The video was taken at Lake Mokoma in Pennsylvania USA.

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