Sunday, July 27, 2014

"Rilt is just plain EVIL!"

You don't know my opinions about Satan or 9/11

Rilt: the most grotesque act imaginable; Anything that could never be committed or condoned by a morally accepted person.

When discussing the nature of morality, people often make reference to morally extreme acts, because extremes are useful for explaining and testing one anothers' views. Extremes also however give rise to communication obstacles, when moral objectivists are driven to disgusted indignant confusion by thoughts of madness, holocaust, and abuse. To minimize this obstacle, I simply refer to Rilt. By contrast with other methods to convey the expression, Rilt and its definition are less inflammatory. This helps me to shorten the process of explaining that Moral Skepticism isn't about support or indifference to Rilt or lesser objectables, but an acceptance of ones feeling that common sense has something wrong.

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